Health Pass is not a Healthcare Insurance Product. It does not function as an insurance product. It is a Membership Program that allows you, your staff, and their families access to all our healthcare services at each of our facilities at Cost which often represents a 70% discount.

Health Pass Monthly Membership


One Time Enrollment Fee

$25.00 per individual
$100 Max Family

One Time Enrollment Fee


How Much will I save
Procedure                                                                          SPMG Health Pass Flat Fee                                                           OKC Average Price
Office Visit                                                                                            $75                                                                                               $130
Office Visit and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (lab)                 $100                                                                                            $225 Digital X-Ray                                                                                         $50                                                                                               $130
MRI                                                                                                        $300                                                                                             $1100
CT                                                                                                           $200                                                                                            $700
Bone Density                                                                                        $55                                                                                               $90
Ultrasound                                                                                            $190                                                                                            $285
Single Vision Lenses                                                                            $80                                                                                               $120
Ophthalmology Visit                                                                            $75                                                                                              $264
Well Child Visit                                                                                      $100                                                                                            $190                                                                                                  

For MoreFor Information Contact:
    Hal Brock - VP of Business Development
    (405) 825-3700